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Our technicians have extensive experience and capabilities working with refrigerated vehicles. Whether you require installation, service and maintenance or repair in a refrigerated vehicle, we can be of assistance!

If you are looking to hire some form of mobile/transport refrigeration, we can help. Our friendly team at Northern Caterers will point you in the right direction - call us today!​


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How can we help you today?

Operating across northern Tasmania, NCER has a highly skilled team of electricians and refrigeration mechanics who you can trust to supply, install, service and repair your catering and hospitality equipment.


We understand the catering industry doesn’t work on a 9-5 timetable, and unfortunately things do seem to go wrong outside of normal business hours. Never fear, we provide a 24 hour retail service. So if you’re in a pickle, we’ll be out in a flash to repair your equipment and have you trading again as normal much sooner.


We have an extensive list of services including the installing, servicing and repairs of equipment such as fridges, freezers, refrigerated vehicles, dishwashers, mixers, blenders, slicing equipment, coffee machines, bakery equipment, laundry equipment, cooking equipment and more. NCER also construct freezers and cool rooms to suit your premises.


NCER will always ensure your items are running at maximum efficiency.


To learn more about our services, or ask for a quote, get in touch today!

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